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Raw Dank Locker CarryRawl Bag

Raw Dank Locker CarryRawl Bag

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The Raw® Dank Locker CarryRawl is a padded case for holding your pipes and smoking gear more securely while on the go. The case utilizes double siliconized, smell-reducing zippers to help prevent unwanted odors from escaping. Inside, there is a velcro accessory panel in the lid with cross elastic straps for storing rolling papers, lighters, and other small items. The main compartment features adjustable dividers to store glass pieces and jars safely, as well as a full foil terp locking bag that can hold up to a quarter ounce of material. After you close the case up, the zippers can be secured with the included combination lock.

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Raw® Dank Locker CarryRawl Bag
Custom Protective Lining 
Smell Reduction Zippers
Combination Lock
Metal Hardware
Padded Interior
Inner Divider
Lid Storage
Easy to Clean
Herb Storage Bag
Red & Black Design
Smell-Proof Travel Bag
Hybrid Odorless Technology

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