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Raw Refillable Clipper Lighter w. Integrated Poker

Raw Refillable Clipper Lighter w. Integrated Poker

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Enjoy the world-renowned Clipper lighter designed by your favorite brand of rolling papers with the Raw Refillable Clipper Lighter. The Clipper company continues to make its lighters in Spain where it was founded in 1959. Clipper quickly grew to become Europe’s favorite brand of lighters and with time the phenomena spread worldwide. Clipper lighters are the most popular brand of refillable lighters for a handful of reasons. First off, a brand new Clipper Lighter will provide you with approximately 3000 lights before needing to refill! The Clipper tank has enough room for double the gas capacity when compared to a typical lighter and is refillable for an unlimited lifespan. This is not only convenient, but it costs 90% less to refill your lighter than having to buy a new one, saving you lots of money in the long run.

Raw Clipper Lighter

The Clipper Lighter is made from mostly recycled materials and uses a clean-burning isobutane as opposed to cheaper lighters that are typically filled with a lower quality butane. Don't let the recycled materials fool you though—Clipper lighters feature a highly durable design that won't break or explode like cheap lighters when dropped. Every Clipper Lighter comes equipped with a removable flint housing than can be used as a poker tool for packing your rolling papers. The exclusive pre-set flame valve avoids any risk of burning while the flints are replaceable and use the best child-resistant system out there. All in all, Clipper lighters will save you money, are better for your health, and are super convenient. Grab your favorite pack of rolling papers and show off your Raw pride with one of these Raw Clipper Lighters today!

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Raw® Clipper Lighters 🔥
Made from Recycled Materials
Refillable Butane Lighter
Integrated Poker Tool
Unlimited Lifespan
Saves You Money
Durable Body
Replaceable Flint
3000 Lights per Fill
Pocket-Friendly Size
Raw Rolling Papers Decal
Authentic Raw® Brand Product
Double the Standard Fuel Capacity
Won't Break/Explode like Cheap Lighters
Contains the Highest Quality Isobutane Gas
Complies to & Exceeds ISO 9994 Safety Specifications

*Note: Clipper Lighters are not eligible for express shipping.
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