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ResRemover 420 Pipe Cleaner Solution 8 fl. oz. - Just Add Water!

ResRemover 420 Pipe Cleaner Solution 8 fl. oz. - Just Add Water!

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Everyone loves a clean pipe! The ResRemover 420 Cleaner is the first glass water pipe cleaning solution that is complete & ready to use with the addition of water. Easily clean your favorite glass bongs, hand pipes, dab rigs, and dirty smoking accessories by simply adding hot water to the ResRemover bag and soaking your pieces within overnight. No agitation required. This ingenious glass cleaning solution comes in a pouch with a zip seal top that provides a secure closure, making it easier than ever to keep your glass collection clean.

ResRemover is designed with an all-natural plant-based formula that is safe for the environment and doesn't contain any alcohol or other harsh chemicals/solvents. This eco-friendly, water-based formula rinses completely clean after use and won’t leave behind any bad tastes, smells, or residues on your glass like other traditional cleaning methods. Upgrade from using isopropyl alcohol, harsh solvents, sea salt, and other abrasives with the ResRemover 420 Pipe Cleaner--just add water & soak!

How to Use:

The ResRemover 420 Pipe Cleaner Solution is safe to use on glass, quartz, acrylic, plastic, silicone, metal, and ceramic. To start, fill the pouch with HOT water to the fill line. Then add your dirty items, squeeze out any extra air if needed to raise the water level to the top, and zip-seal the bag to soak overnight. After giving your glass adequate time to soak, rinse the pieces under hot water after removal. You can seal the bag for reuse if desired.

For large items that don't fit in the pouch, soak any downstems and/or bowl pieces following the directions above and pour the remaining contents of the bag into your glass pipe from the top and let it soak. We recommend the use of a silicone plug or glass stopper on the other end of bongs & dab rigs to allow the ResRemover solution to soak the inside thoroughly. Snag yourself a single pack today or go big with a full retail-ready box of 25 bags!

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Compatible with Dirty Pipes & Accessories
ResRemover 420 Pipe Cleaner Solution
Highest Quality Materials
All-Natural Ingredients
Plant-Based Formula
Quantity Discounts

8 Fluid Ounces

Easy to Use
Zip Seal Top
Streak-Free Clean
Just Add Hot Water!
No shaking Necessary
Environmentally Friendly

No Smells or Residue Left Behind

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