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Stache Products RiO Matte Dab Rig Kit

Stache Products RiO Matte Dab Rig Kit

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Are you tired of dead batteries and burnt-out coils in your current e-rig setup? With the RiO Matte Dab Rig from Stache Products, you will rest assured knowing you can continue dabbing with none of the issues associated with electric dab rigs of the past. The RiO Matte Dab Rig features its own glass rig with a recessed 14mm female joint for protecting the included quartz banger, a wide showerhead percolator for expertly filtering your vapor through water, and a flared mouthpiece tooled for comfortable draws. The colorful base works to protect your glass rig while housing a specially designed refillable butane torch! The color matching torch is perfectly aligned to heat up the included 14mm male Core Reactor quartz banger nail, which is positioned just above the torches nozzle for the perfect temperature every dab.

Stache Products RiO Matte Dab Rig Kit

The RiO Matte Dab Rig stands a compact 6.5” inches tall and is crafted from 4mm thick borosilicate glass built to last. This base is available in a variety of distinct colors and is perfectly molded to protect the unique cube-shaped oil rig. The RiO Matte Dab Rig Kit comes with a bubble carb cap that ensures none of your precious concentrates get left behind, a dual-tipped titanium dabber tool, and silicone plugs. The silicone plugs work to contain odors and allow you to travel with water inside the rig! Last but not least, a Stache Products branded zip-up carrying case with custom-cut EVA foam inserts is included to protect your investment when on the move. Get the complete package with everything you need to dab on the go with the RiO Matte Dab Rig Kit from Stache Products today!

Stache Products RiO Matte Dab Rig Kit

Get Connected:

Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Stache Products RiO Matte Rig Kit
Built-in Refillable Butane Torch
Cube-Shaped Glass Oil Rig

Showerhead Percolator
Various Matte Colors

Flared Mouthpiece
6.5” inches Tall
Recessed Joint
14mm Female Joint
14mm Male Quartz Banger
4mm Thick Borosilicate Glass
Fixed Torch with Overflow Valve 

Box Includes:

1 x RiO Glass Rig
1 x RiO Matte Base w. Matching Torch
1 x 14mm Core Reactor Quartz Banger
1 x Bubble Carb Cap
1 x Dual Tipped Dabber Tool
1 x Zip-Up Carrying Case w. Eva Foam

**Limited Edition RiO Onyx Dab Rig Kit available here!

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