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Ritual 7.5" Silicone Lava Lamp Bong

Ritual 7.5" Silicone Lava Lamp Bong

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The Ritual Silicone Lava Lamp Bong is a creatively designed water pipe that combines functionality with a groovy aesthetic. Standing at 7.5'' inches in height, this bong is made from durable platinum-cured silicone, ensuring both longevity and performance. It comes complete with a real Borosilicate bowl and downstem, which guarantee a premium smoking experience every time. This design ensures that the purity of your hits is maintained, enhancing the overall smoking experience.

This bong is not just about its distinctive look; it features a signature Lava Lamp percolator that 'chugs hard', making it an excellent choice for both dried herbs and concentrates. The unique air path and function of the bong are designed to deliver potent and powerful smoke, adding to its effectiveness. The bong's portability and top-notch performance make it an ideal option for on-the-go use, while its virtually indestructible construction adds to its appeal as a durable and reliable smoking tool. This combination of unique design, robust construction, and versatile use makes the Ritual 7.5'' Silicone Lava Lamp Bong a standout choice for those seeking a fun and functional smoking experience.

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