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Rokin QuickDraw 510-Threaded Auto-Draw Battery

Rokin QuickDraw 510-Threaded Auto-Draw Battery

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Slender, slick, and full of power, the Rokin QuickDraw battery lets you stay in charge while vaping on the go. A USB charger will power up the QuickDraw quickly and conveniently. The universal 510 threading is compatible with any 510-threaded tank. A slim design is easy to grip and secret away into your pocket. The Rokin QuickDraw battery is ideal for wax vaporization that’s stealthy and convenient.

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Rokin QuickDraw 510-Threaded Vaporizer Battery 🔋
Compatible with Standard Pre-Filled Cartridges
Universal 510-Thread Vape Pen
Multiple Battery Colors
Single Voltage (3.7v)
Auto-Draw Function
Buttonless Control
Sleek & Compact
280mAh Battery
USB Charging

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