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Rokin Stinger Nectar Collector Vaporizer

Rokin Stinger Nectar Collector Vaporizer

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The Rokin Stinger is one of the newest and most powerful electronic dab straws on the market! The Stinger uses a uniquely designed heated ceramic tip combined with a removable water-filtration chamber to vape your concentrates anywhere you want. The powerful 1100 mAh battery heats up the ceramic tip in a matter of seconds and provides hours of dabbing on a single charge. The Stinger features a durable metal body and an easy-to-fill water chamber that cools down the vapor to a cooler temperature and enhances the flavor of your concentrates. Using the Stinger is simple, just fill the water chamber to the fill line, turn it on (5 clicks), preheat your ceramic tip (2 clicks), select your preferred temperature (3 clicks), and you’re ready to go! Get a nectar collector that provides water filtration and easy on-the-go dabbing with the Rokin Stinger vape today!

How to Use:

To Turn On/Off: 5 Rapid Clicks
To Change Heat Settings: 3 Rapid Clicks
To Preheat Cartridges: 2 Rapid Clicks

Get Connected:

Rokin Stinger Nectar Collector Vaporizer
Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Extremely Compact Design
Variable Voltage 3.4v-4.0v
Water-Filtration Function
15 Second Auto-Shutoff
Ceramic Atomizer Tip
Durable Metal Body
Simple to Use
USB Charging
1100mAh Battery
Replaceable Parts
Single Button Controls
Pocket-Friendly Design
Cleaning Brush Included
Electronic Nectar Collector
4 Preset Temperature Settings
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