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Rosin Tech Goâ„¢ 2 - Portable Rosin Press

Rosin Tech Goâ„¢ 2 - Portable Rosin Press

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The original Rosin Tech Go™ Portable Rosin Press was not a rosin press design that could be easily improved upon, but it’s finally been done. Rosin Tech Products took their original design back to the drawing board and started by overhauling the frame with a sleeker, lighter body that offers more ruggedness with improved support. Part of this frame’s strength comes from the fact that it’s crafted from one solid piece of high-grade aluminum, then reinforced with internal supportive ribbing similar to what’s used in high-performance aircraft. The improved Rosin Tech Go 2 Rosin Press also allows you to tuck the power cord within the frame for a cleaner visual aesthetic and more travel-ready design. Weighing in at a mere 9.5 pounds, this new model is even 25% lighter than the original Rosin Tech Go!

Rosin Tech Go 2 Portable Rosin Press

The Rosin Tech Go 2 Portable Rosin Press was built to convert your dry herbs into wax concentrates in little to no time at all. This highly-efficient rosin press heats up quickly and produces superlative results in 1-2 minutes time (depending on the quality of dry herbs). We recommend using more time combined with higher heat for lower quality herbs and using less time with lower temperature settings for better nugs. The Rosin Tech Go 2 handle was redesigned with ergonomics in mind, allowing for more comfort while a smoother mechanical action makes the entire pressing process more enjoyable. It also works gripping silicone material into its base for added stability while using your rosin press.

Rosin Tech Go 2 Portable Rosin Press

The Rosin Tech Go 2 uses two solid aluminum dual heating plates to deliver the perfect combination of heat, duration, and pressure. Each aluminum plate measures 2” by 2.25” inches and applies an intense 700 pounds of pressure when the handle is fully engaged. With the Rosin Tech Go 2, you can expect the same generous temperature range as its predecessor, allowing you to dial in anywhere between 0° to 415° Fahrenheit. This premium rosin press is also equipped with a digital temperature display and automatic timer controls for a truly hassle-free extraction experience. Don’t limit yourself to the insanely large and bulky rosin press machines of the past. Grab the Rosin Tech Go 2 Portable Rosin Press today and enjoy high-grade extractions anytime, anywhere!

How to Use:

If you’re brand new to Rosin Presses, you have nothing to fear. A rosin press functions similarly to that of a pollen press except with the addition of a concentrated heat source. They also work differently in that a rosin press essentially converts your dry herbs into oily wax concentrates while a pollen press uses pressure to compact kief/pollen into a solid mass known as hashish. The finished product from a pollen press, however, is a shatter-like wax concentrate with a much higher potency. A Rosin Press will also yield much larger results in terms of quantity.

The Rosin Tech Go 2 comes with an operation manual that highlights the steps below. For more details on the best techniques of rosin press extraction, including time or length of press for different materials, visit the ‘Education’ tab on the Rosin Tech website!

  1. Plug your Rosin Tech Go 2 in and press the red power button to turn the unit on. From there, your LCD screen will light up, and the plates will begin heating.
  2. Enter the Settings Mode next by pressing the “OK” button one time. You are now in the ‘edit settings’ mode (P1). 
  3. Adjust the Desired Temperature by using the up & down arrows to increase or decrease the temperature of the plates. Once you have found your desired temperature, press the “OK” button again to change from P1 to P2. (Default temperature setting is Fahrenheit)
  4. The screen should now show P2, which allows you to adjust the length of the press. Use the up & down arrows to increase or decrease the length of the timer for each press. Once you have reached your desired time, press the “OK” button to change P2 back to ‘Normal Mode.’
  5. Now that you’ve set your desired temperature and length of your press, it's time to let both heating plates warm up. Once the plates heat up to your set temperature, you are ready to use the press!
  6. Put your parchment paper and your material between the heated plates, and push down on the lever until it is parallel to the ground or table. Expect resistance to get the handle fully engaged. Once the lever is fully engaged, press the “Enter” button to start the timer and you’re all set to have scoopable dabs in as little as 1-minute!
  7. When the timer has completed, you can lift the lever and remove your materials. 

Once your press is timer is complete, your concentrated extracts will be ready to be scraped from the parchment paper and dabbed into your favorite oil rigs & wax vaporizer pens! We recommend allowing your finished product to cool for about 60 seconds before starting. This is another advantage of the Rosin Tech Go 2 Portable Rosin Press when compared to other machines that take significant time for your products to cool before your extracted concentrates are ready to be used. Optionally, extraction bags can be used to filter unwanted plant materials aways from the finished cannabinoid oil. Preferred bag sizes that work best with the Rosin Tech Go 2 Rosin Press are 1.25” x 3.25” Filter Bags, or 2” x 3.5” Filter Bags.

Get Connected:

Rosin Tech Go 2 Portable Rosin Press
Finished Results in 1-2 Minutes
Solid Aluminum Heating Plates
High-Grade Aluminum Body
Digital Temperature Control 
Smooth Mechanical Action
Digital Automatic Timer
Easy to Learn & Use
Ergonomic Handle
Heavy-Duty Build
700 lbs. of Pressure
Dual 2” x 2.25” Plates
Fast & Efficient Results
Operation Manual Included
Lightweight & Travel-Friendly
11” inches Tall (to Top of Handle)
25% Lighter vs the Original Rosin Tech Go!

Product Specs:

Product Weight: 9.5 lbs.
Product Height: 11” inches
Temperature Range: 0° - 415°F
Electrical: 110 Volts | 150 Watts | 2A
Shipping Dimensions: 12.5” x 7.25” x 8.75”
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