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Silicone Joint Holder Ring

Silicone Joint Holder Ring

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Need a hand? Whether your sending a text or trying to balance a video game controller, smoking a joint isn't always the most convenient method of enjoying your dry herbs while trying to multitask. With these nifty Silicone Joint Holder Rings, you can go about your normal activities while smoking as if you had an extra hand! Each silicone ring is made from premium heat-resistant silicone and is made to fit any of your hand rolled products. The Silicone Joint Holder Ring was fashioned with a semi-circle design so it will fit just about any finger no matter how big or small. Added bonus, the Silicone Joint Holder Ring works just like a rolling tip/crutch by eliminating smelly fingers. Available in a variety of bright & fun colors, grab one of these silicone rings today, place your rolled item inside the smaller ring on top, and start enjoying hands-free smoking with limitless portability!

Get Connected:

Compatible with Joints & Blunts 🌿
Colored Silicone Joint Holder Ring
Enables Hands-Free Smoking
Eliminates Smelly Fingers
Heat Resistant Silicone
Reusable Ring
Easy to Use
One Size Fits All
Available in Several Colors
Adaptable Fit & Easy to Wear
Fits Most Hand Rolled Products
1st CaliConnected Product Ever Sold!

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