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Smokit Portable Smoke Kit

Smokit Portable Smoke Kit

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The Smokit Portable Smoking Kit is an all-in-one dry herb smoking kit that features a cigarette-like multi-hitter pipe, grinder card, silicone non-stick container for concentrates, and a dabber/poker tool--all packed into a compact box that won't burden your pocket. Fitted with all the tools you need to smoke on your feet, the Smokit smoking kit features a poker/dabber tool that cleans and unclogs the multi-hitter pipe. A removable grinder card is made out of stainless steel and also works as a flat surface for gathering loose leaf dry herb. The multi-hitter is made with an aluminum alloy pipe, carrying up to five hits. The multi-hitter features a serrated chamber for easy packing.

Smokit Portable Dugout Smoking Kit

The Smokit Portable Smoking Kit is made for wax or dry herb smoking. You can easily carry your herb or wax on-the-go and in a discreet manner. The Smokit kit features a compartment for dry herb, as well as a non-stick silicone wax container that lets you discreetly transport waxy oils with no wax wasted on the walls of the container. The Smokit Smoking Kit provides all you need to enjoy dry herb or wax concentrates in one pocket-friendly box.

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Made for Herbs (pipe) & Wax (storage) 🌿🍯
Smokit Portable Smoke Kit
Silicone Wax Container
Fake Cigarette Design
Herb Container
Poker/Dabber Tool
Compact & Portable
Included Grinder Card 
Proudly Made in the USA

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