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Source Orb XL V2 - Portable Wax Vape 🍯

Source Orb XL V2 - Portable Wax Vape 🍯

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The Source Orb XL V2 Vaporizer is the newest iteration of the XL unit. This compact yet extremely powerful wax vaporizer features full temperature control, a solid stainless steel 303 design, and compatibility with over 20 premium SOURCE atomizers. The Source Orb XL V2 comes with 3 all-new concentrate atomizers, including a new quad-coil that delivers monster hits and long-lasting bowls. Equipped with the Source Volt Max box mod with a removable battery and precise temperature control between 200F and 700F, Source Orb XL V2 produces vapor of exceptional size, flavor, and potency. Source uses 100% lab-certified Grade 1 titanium coils--the purest titanium.

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Stainless Steel 303 Build
Quad Coil Atomizer
Ceramic Coilless Atomizer
Quartz Coilless Atomizer
Removable Buckets
Adjustable Airflow
Precise Temp Control (200F-700F)
Lab-Certified 100% Grade 1 Titanium Coils
Works with 20+ SOURCE Atomizers
Lifetime Warranty

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