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Space King Quartz Banger Sets (14mm Joint, 90° Angle)

Space King Quartz Banger Sets (14mm Joint, 90° Angle)

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Space King is blessing their loyal dabbing subjects with a new line of premium bangers. Coming in 9 different varieties, these bangers each have something different to offer, but always offer flavorful hits of your wax concentrates. The Space King Quartz Banger Sets are made of high-quality quartz and have 14mm male joints that are suitable for rigs with a 90-degree angle joint.

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Space King Quartz Banger Sets
Crafted for Extra Large Dabs
Highest Quality Quartz

Flat Top Banger
Oil Accessory
Polished Joint
90° Joint Angle
14mm Joint Size
Low Temp Dabbing
Scientific Quartz Banger

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