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Stache Bōl Hand Pipe

Stache Bōl Hand Pipe

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The Bōl from Stache Products is a game-changing modular pipe meticulously crafted to redefine your smoking experience. Designed to emulate the smoothness of a traditional bong hit while offering the convenience of a pipe, The Bōl is here to revolutionize how you consume your flower. Say goodbye to the woes of inhaling unwanted carbon, tar, and plant particles. The Bōl tackles this issue head-on with its ingenious design featuring an ashcatcher and an opening for a carbon filter, ensuring each draw is clean and pure. Its modular design allows for effortless cleaning, preventing clogs and ensuring consistently smooth hits.Stache Bōl Hand PipeCrafted with versatility in mind, The Bōl's modular construction enables easy disassembly and reassembly for hassle-free maintenance. Built from lightweight yet durable 6063 Aviation anodized aluminum, it's built to withstand the rigors of your on-the-go lifestyle. Equipped with a built-in carbon-activated filter, The Bōl guarantees a smoking experience free from harsh tastes and impurities. Each puff is smooth and satisfying, thanks to the exceptional absorption capabilities of its multiple layers of activated carbon.

Stache Bōl Hand PipeEngineered for discretion, The Bōl features silicone plugs that seal tightly, keeping odors contained during travel. Whether you're exploring new horizons or enjoying a smoke session on the move, The Bōl ensures your activities remain discreet and private. With its sleek design, premium materials, and innovative features, The Bōl sets the standard for modern smoking accessories. Elevate your smoking ritual with The Bōl – where style meets functionality in perfect harmony.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Stache Bōl Aluminum Hand Pipe
Filters Ash and Resin
Built-In Ashcatcher
Coughless Design
Carbon Filter
Simple to Clean
Modular Design
Compact & Discreet
Spoon-Style Hand Pipe
Practically Indestructible
Medical Grade Silicone Plugs

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