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Stache Products 4-Piece Grynder

Stache Products 4-Piece Grynder

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The Stache Products 4-Piece Grynder is not your average grinder. This grinder features micro-rounded teeth that effortlessly grind your flower to a perfect consistency. It has an ashtray lid for tapping out your joints and comes in many eye-catching colors. The 4-Piece Grynder is the medium size of the N.Y.A.G (Not Your Average Grynder) Series, which also offers a 3-Piece and 5-Piece option. It is the best option for users who want a grinder that's not too big or small but just right. It is very simple to use as the two top pieces are magnetic and grind into a flower chamber for storage. The flower chamber screen helps harvest the smaller particles in the kief compartment for the smoke sessions where you want an extra kick. The 4-Piece Grinder is simple to maintain and comes with a pollen scraper for loading and a brush for cleaning.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Stache Products 4-Piece Grynder
Micro-Rounded Grinding Teeth
Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body
Kief Compartment
Ergonomic Grip
Large Capacity
4-Part Design
Kief Brush
Pollen Screen
Pollen Scraper
Ergonomic Grip
Ashtray Top Lid
Magnetic Top Lid
Pollen Catcher Base
Perfectly Designed Drop Holes

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