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Stache Products Skruit Cartridge Vaporizer

Stache Products Skruit Cartridge Vaporizer

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There is no worse feeling than buying a brand new cartridge and it doesn’t fit your vaporizer. The engineers at Stache Products designed the Skruit Vaporizer to fit any sized cartridge no matter the thickness. This unique oil vaporizer has two ports, so if your standard-sized cart doesn’t fit in the top, you can insert it into the bottom. The single-button controls make this vaporizer very easy to use. It features variable voltage, which allows you to toggle between three pre-set temperatures. Once the battery dies, it fully charges in no time at all with its USB-C charging. Grab your cartridge and just Skruit!

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510-Threaded Vape Battery 🔋
Stache Skruit Cartridge Vaporizer
Made for Pre-Filled Cartridges & Tanks
3 Variable Voltage Heat Settings
Single Button Controls
USB-C Charging
Two Cartridge Ports
Fits any Size Oil Tank
Compact & Travel Friendly
Fully Universal Vape Battery

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