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Storz & Bickel Onyx Edition Volcano Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel Onyx Edition Volcano Vaporizer

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The champion of desktop vaporizers is back in black! The limited-edition Storz & Bickel Onyx Edition Volcano Vaporizer provides the same advanced features as the original Volcano Vaporizer, including precision temperature control, convection heating, and an easy-to-use balloon bag system. Representing German engineering at its finest, the Onyx Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is the ultimate luxury desktop vaporizer for dry herb.

Storz and Bickel Onyx Edition Volcano Vaporizer

The Onyx Volcano Vaporizer features the classic Storz & Bickel balloon bag filling system that allows you to take hits in a more portable manner from surgical-grade silicone balloon bags. One bowl of dry herb will fill around 3 to 4 balloon bags of the Onyx Volcano. The new Easy Valve system is characterized by very easy handling and minimal maintenance work. Attaching a new balloon to the valve is no longer required, as the Easy Valve comes as a ready-to-use valve balloon unit including a mouthpiece that is already attached. Once the Easy Valve can no longer be used, you simply replace the old balloon bag with a new one. Eliminating the time-consuming task of cutting a bag to the correct size and attaching it to the solid valve, the Easy valve set for the Volcano Classic Vaporizer allows for rapid change of your vaporizer bag anytime. The starter set included with the Storz & Bickel Onyx Edition Volcano Vaporizer is delivered with 5 Easy Valve balloons and the appropriate filling chamber.

Storz and Bickel Onyx Edition Volcano Vaporizer

The Limited Edition Onyx Volcano Vaporizer utilizes a vacuum system that pumps in fresh, filtered air that is then heated to the ideal temperature for extracting the most compounds from your dry herb. Convection heating is superior to conduction heating as it presents more flavors, aromas, and effects without causing combustion. The Onyx Volcano’s advanced diaphragm pump sends hot air flowing in to cover every millimeter of open surface area, ensuring that dry herb is vaporized efficiently and thoroughly. Hot air passes over your aromatic blends or concentrates to create vapor, filling your Volcano balloons for easy consumption.

Storz and Bickel Onyx Edition Volcano Vaporizer

The Onyx Edition Volcano’s refined design and industry-leading vapor production deliver a remarkable experience. A food-safe aluminum heating block and high-quality heating element deliver incredibly pure, potent vapor every session. The superior build quality ensures you’ll be enjoying the same level of vapor production for years to come. While most devices feature single or pre-set temperatures, the Onyx Volcano Vaporizer comes with precision temperature control. This allows you to pinpoint temperatures down to a single degree. You can zero in on the right temp for flavor, potency, smoothness, robustness, specific compounds, and more. Controlling temperature with the Onyx Volcano vaporizer is easy, as you choose from a range of 266°F and 446°F using the classic analog dial on the front & center of the unit. Get your hands on the Storz & Bickel Onyx Edition Volcano Vaporizer today and enjoy a limited edition matte black desktop unit that goes unmatched in style and functionality.

Storz and Bickel Onyx Edition Volcano Vaporizers

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
S&B Onyx Edition Volcano Vaporizer
Limited Edition Onyx Color Drop
Includes Easy Valve Starter Set
Balloon Bag Delivery System
Quality German Engineering
Classic Analog Dial Control
Advanced Diaphragm Pump
Trusted Name & Proven Design
Medical-Grade Heating Element
High-Grade Aluminum Heating Block
High-Performance Convection Heating
Precision Temperature Control (266°-446°F)
Storz & Bickel Limited Edition Volcano Classic

Box Includes:

1 x Onyx Edition Volcano Vaporizer
1 x Easy Valve Filling Chamber
5 x Easy Valve Mouthpieces
5 x Easy Valve Balloons
6 x Easy Valve Screens
3 x Easy Valve Clips
1 x Volcano Grinder
1 x Cleaning Tool
1 x Air Filter Set
1 x User Manual

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