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TAG 9.5" Diffuser Bong

TAG 9.5" Diffuser Bong

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TAG's Diffuser Bong will become your daily driver in no time at all. Standing at 9.5" inches tall, this water pipe features a diffuser downstem that provides excellent filtration and diffusion to cool down smoke from your favorite herbs. It also has a bent neck to prevent splashback and a flared base to keep it sturdy. The Thick Ass Glass Diffuser Bong is made from high-quality Schott borosilicate glass, so you can be sure that it will withstand daily use and last a lifetime.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Thick Ass Glass Diffuser Bong
Fixed Diffuser Downstem
Schott Borosilicate Glass
Natural Splashguard
Flared Mouthpiece
9.5” inches Tall
Easy to Clean
Bent Neck
TAG Decal
Female Joint
90° Joint Angle
Male Bowl Piece
Thick Scientific Glass Bong

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