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The China Glass "Terracotta" Upright Bubbler

The China Glass "Terracotta" Upright Bubbler

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The China Glass has turned haters of the term “Made in China” into fans overnight with handcrafted glass water pipes & bongs that look almost too classy to use. The “Terracotta” Upright Bubbler fits that stigma featuring a design inspired by traditional pottery of the dynastic period with signature Chinese decals throughout the body & neck of the pipe. Hand blown by artisans at The China Glass in the Hebei Province, this portable & travel-friendly glass bubbler is equipped with a 14.5mm dry herb bowl piece that makes it rip like a bong. The “Terracotta” Upright Bubbler measures 8” inches tall and is a great way to accent any smokers tabletop.

The China Glass "Terracotta" Bubbler Pipe

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
The China Glass "Terracotta" Upright Bubbler
High-Quality Thick Glass Water Pipe
Traditional Chinese Print Decals
Colored Glass Accents
90° Female Joint
8” inches Tall
14.5mm Joint
Self-Standing Design
Fixed Diffuser Downstem
14.5mm Flower Bowl Piece
Unique Scientific Glass Bubbler Pipe
Handmade in the Hebei Province, China

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