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Staze Preserve + The Joint Holder

Discover the ultimate on-the-go experience with our flagship product, Staze Preserve + Joint Holder Bundle. The Staze Preserve features our proprietary built-in vacuum pump and advanced smell-proof technology. Crafted to be waterproof, UV-protected, and lightweight, it ensures your essentials stay fresh wherever you wander.

The bundle wouldn't be complete without The Joint Holder, seamlessly fitting inside the Staze Preserve. This eco-friendly holder, crafted from the  Agave plant, organizes and maintains the freshness of your pre-rolls. Unite style and functionality with this dynamic duo, making your journeys smoother and your consumption  experience more enjoyable than ever.


  • Staze Preserve(7 color options)
  • The Joint Holder 

Bundles & Sets are not eligible for additional discounts.

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