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The Terpometer IR Dab Timer ⏰

The Terpometer IR Dab Timer ⏰

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The Terpometer IR Dab Timer incorporates infrared technology to provide an accurate readout of your nails’ running temperature, so you can dab as if you were using an e-rig or e-nail. This Dab Timer includes the same metal tool that the original Terpometer uses to drop dabs, but instead of a ceramic tip, an infrared laser reads the temperature. Just click three times to turn on the unit, bring the Terpometer half an inch away from the banger, and wait until it turns green, signaling your banger is the perfect temp to drop your dab.

The Terpometer IR provides you with a precise readout of your nails’ actual running temperature so you can easily know when (and when not to) dab your wax concentrates into your quartz bangers and nails. Accurate temperature plays a significant role in determining the quality and taste of your vapor. Lower temperature levels specifically ensure more flavorful dabs, preserving the overall quality and flavor profiles of your wax concentrates, while dabbing in higher temperature ranges provides you with more potent rips. The Terpometer IR helps you precisely identify your banger’s real-time temperature level so you always know when to load your extracts.

The Terpometer IR isn’t just a technological wonder for wax enthusiasts. It’s also a highly-durable tool built using some of the best raw materials in the industry. The infrared sensor provides a precise digital reading of the heating element’s running temperature level. With its intuitive display, the Terpometer IR will give and suggest the perfect time for you to place your dabs using a color-coded screen. The suggested temperature is based on a set of data analyzed by the creators and engineers of the Terpometer IR for optimal dabbing temperatures. The body is wrapped in a heat-resistant material to shield and protect the internal components of the Terpometer IR from excessive heat while making it an overall safer investment altogether. There is no learning curve for the Terpometer as it is simple to use, and there are very few instructions. If you’re looking to improve your dabbing experience, snag the Terpometer IR today and experience the difference of dabbing with precision!

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Terpometer IR Dab Timer
High-Quality Materials
Heat-Resistant Body
Pinpoint Accuracy
Infrared Sensor
USB Charger
LCD Display
Easy to Use
Sleek Design
Built-In Dab Tool
Dabbing Accessory
Color-Coded Display

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