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TightVac SpaceVac Small Container (5g / .06L)

TightVac SpaceVac Small Container (5g / .06L)

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Tightvac SpaceVac is a super discreet vacuum sealed dry herb container for storing up to 5g of your favorite strains. The SpaceVac is odor and moisture free with a gasket for added protection, preserving your dry herb for long periods of time while keeping the contents of the SpaceVac by Tightvac concealed from prying eyes. A locking cap on the bottom of the SpaceVac container creates an airtight, odor-proof seal when closed. The .06L SpaceVac is one of the most compact of the Tightvac line of dry herb containers, enabling you to discreetly carry with you your stash at all times.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
TightVac SpaceVac Small Container
Discreet & Pocket-Friendly
Fits up to 5g of Material
Vacuum Seal
Odor Proof
Holds .06 Liters
Compact Design

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