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TightVac XL Container (145g / 2.35L / 24oz)

TightVac XL Container (145g / 2.35L / 24oz)

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Keep your smoking materials fresh with these air-tight containers from TightVac. One push of a button creates a vacuum seal by pushing out any excess air surrounding the contents. This design extends the shelf life of your herbs by preventing them from drying out. The TightVac seal is water resistant and the container is constructed from polycarbonate for durability. The 2.35L TightVac herb container is one of the largest of the TightVac line of dry herb containers. A simple push-button lid makes it easy to preserve your stash of precious dry herb nugs, buds, and flowers for up to a year. When you close the lid, the TightVac becomes partially vacuum sealed, expelling moisture and air while letting gas build-up gradually escape. The durable plastic design of the TightVac 2.35L herb container can last up to 10 years. Ideal for home and travel use alike, the TightVac 2.35L herb container comes in three types: Clear, Tint, and Solid.

Instructions for Use:

To open your TightVac container, simply hold the button on the cap and pull upwards. The button will release the valve, opening the vacuum seal. Pull the cap off the body while holding the button down and you may remove your dry herbs. To re-seal, just reverse the process and your herbs will once again be airtight and odor proof.

Get Connected:

Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
TightVac XL 2.35 Liter Container 
Preserves Flavors & Aromas
Two-Way Valve System
Push Button Seal
Modern Design
Strong & Durable
Water Resistant & Airtight
Dry Herb Storage Solution
Maintains Freshness for a Full Calendar Year

*Note: TightVac lid & body colors are random. Requests can be accommodated when possible!

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