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V Syndicate Dab Portal Glass Rolling Tray - Small

V Syndicate Dab Portal Glass Rolling Tray - Small

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Get Schwifty and take your next high out of this world with the Dab Portal Glass Rolling Tray from V-Syndicate! This Rick & Morty-themed rolling tray works to keep your rolling station tidy, can be easily cleaned, and of course, adds some hilarious decor to your arsenal of smoking accessories. V-Syndicate crafted their glass trays with high-quality, shatter-resistant tempered glass, so it’s sure to survive even the bumpiest of takeoffs. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than ordinary glass, and this tray won’t shatter into large jagged pieces if your post-rolling lack of coordination causes you to accidentally drop it. The Dab Portal Glass Rolling Tray features lowered edges that help you to maneuver your materials with ease and arrives safely packaged within a box that’s perfect for gifting. The original Rick & Morty design paired with high-quality printing makes the Dab Portal Glass Rolling Tray from V-Syndicate one of the best trays in the multiverse.

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V-Syndicate Dab Portal Rolling Tray
Shatter-Resistant Tempered Glass
Rick & Morty Inspired Design
Fade-Resistant Artwork
6.5” inch Length
5” inches Wide
Easy to Clean
Unique Design
Lowered Edges
Original Artwork
High-Quality Printing
Thick Glass Rolling Tray

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