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Wulf Mods Flathead Dab Tool

Wulf Mods Flathead Dab Tool

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Get the scoop on one of the most reliable tools that will cater to all your dabbing needs. The stainless steel Flathead Dab Tool from Wulf Mods is clean, sleek, precise, and built to last. This affordable oil accessory measures 5.5” inches in length, and each end has a different shaped scoop tool for precise handling of your favorite wax concentrates. If you are looking for a slightly different shape, check out the Skillet, Scoop, and Spoon dab tools from Wulf Mods.

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Designed for Wax Concentrates 🍯
Wulf Mods Flathead Dab Tool
High-Quality Stainless Steel
Double-Sided Dabber
5.5” inch Length
2 Scooper Tools
Oil Accessory

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