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Zig Zag Orange 1.25" Rolling Papers

Zig Zag Orange 1.25" Rolling Papers

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By far the most popular and well-known rolling papers around, Zig Zag has been in business for over 130 years and perfected the art of making easy to roll, slow-burning papers. Zig Zag Orange 1¼ inch papers are the most popular style, a true classic that provides an easy rolling, no need to gum, slow & even burning experience. Zig Zag Rolling Papers are made in France using all-natural flax plant fibers that provide a durable, reliable strength with every roll. Each booklet of Zig Zag Orange 1.25” Rolling Papers contains 32 leaves, or papers, per pack. Give the Zig Zag Orange Rolling Papers a try today and experience for yourself a true legend in the rolling game. 

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿 
Zig Zag Orange 1.25” Rolling Papers
Made from Natural Flax Plant Fibers
100% Natural Arabic Gum
32 Papers per Pack
24 Packs per Box
Slow Burning
Easy to Roll
78mm x 44mm
1.25” inch Length
Our Most Popular Paper!
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